TORViC Technologies, Inc. (TORViC) is a global consortium of enterprises that provide software and services to select groups of public and private sector markets. We acquire, manage and develop industry specific software businesses that offer specialized, mission-critical software solutions for its customers.


ALMS, is an enterprise-level software solution for accelerated administration of regulated entities. It is well-suited for agencies which manage multiple licensing programs; it provides secure and efficient centralized management while fully adapting to the unique processes, rules and regulations of each program and license.

CapEX® Manager

CapEX® Manager is a leading Construction Program and Project Management solution. Organizations that implement the CapEX® Manager software solution to manage capital programs and projects, reduce their spend by a minimum of 2.5% and maximize their return on technology investment.


FlexTrac®, is the largest provider of tailored Intellectual Property Management software technology solutions in North America. Since 1996, FlexTrac® has helped thousands of clients manage their information technology costs with a truly comprehensive suite of fully-integrated software solutions.

Visual ClubMate™

Visual ClubMate™ is a comprehensive, integrated and modular Member Management solution, utilized by hospitals, gyms, health clubs and resorts. Since 1996, Visual ClubMate™ has helped thousands of its clients manage their information technology costs with a fully-integrated software solution.


TronicDocs is a secure, flexible and collaborative Enterprise Document Management and Business Process Automation solution. TronicDocs offers an array of integrations to productivity systems, such as email, and improves business performance with tailored workflows and processes.


VirtualTeam365 is a passionate group of business professionals, striving to deliver ultimate satisfaction to our clients 24/7/365. We offer services that our clients seek, in order to effectively outsource their business operations, in order to save money, time and reduce frustration.


MapitPRO is a sophisticated Real-Time Visual Business Insight solution, offering customers the ability to reduce operating expenses, while minimizing risk when tracking their valuable assets. Improving personnel accountability and safety, MapitPRO also eliminates undesired driving habits.


A blueprint designed and developed to help parking leaders get the most out of their organization's critical resources. eps.STRADA is a fully-integrated enterprise platform that is the perfect fit for parking operators who seek to maximize efficiency and innovation while cutting-down costs.


Telepark is a mobile payment parking solution, employed across numerous private and public facilities. An easy-to-use mobile app enables consumers to conveniently pay for parking, while empowering enforcement personnel with an unmatched citation management system at their fingertips.


With an integrated QR-code printing platform, we enable YorkSafe mobile usability. YorkSafe is an inspection reporting program, with the most current health inspection reports for restaurants, pools, and splash pads, drinking water systems, child care centres and personal service settings.

Be Acquired

The businesses that TORViC acquires represent a lifetime of effort and talent. Whether you wish to sell due to health reasons, estate planning or competing interests elsewhere, we have an unmatched desire to continue to operate your business in accordance with the history and values that made your business unparalleled.

Our acquisition criteria

While we are interested in discussing any opportunity, our preferred businesses can be categorized as follows:

Our philosophy

We promise the strictest confidence and typically we will respond to inquiries within two business days. We will not engage in undesirable takeovers. While we prefer 100% ownership in our businesses, we will consider less if the owners wish to continue to participate in the success of their business.

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TORViC continuously expands its domain expertise, via strategic partnerships with innovative organizations, in order to deliver leading-edge software technology solutions to its customers world-wide. If your organization offers products or services that will add-value to TORViC's Portfolio of companies, email us directly at

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